Monday, February 20, 2012

My thoughts after watching "Smash"

  So I watched a little of "Smash" Sunday. Of course I can sit and knit pick at it but the over all opinion I have come to about the show is it is a bland sappy tv show about the everyday life of an actor in NYC.
Coming home from rehearsal at then watching that I feel my day was just about as (no make that MORE) interesting as what I just watched on their show... and watching a bunch of average actors try to convey not too well what this life is like is annoying and boring. I guess you can just say life is better then fiction... like where are the ghosts haunting the studio? The worst scandal they could come up with is the director sleeping with the leading lady... can we say cleshe? What happened to all the read tape to bring a show to Broadway?? I didnt know you could just create a show and put it on Broadway. Nevermind going through those workshops and such and hard work that takes all that time.... just skip it and just put it on B-way raw... yeah, that'll really hook some sponsors... Oh, and what about equity... hmm... you can't be on B-way without it... Ha, if only it were so easy to put a show on B-way! The way they talk about it makes me laugh at them! Maybe this show would be better if they based it on a REAL making of a Broadway musical... I garentee you could find a better story if you dig just a little and got away from the silly stereotype stuff! Sadly I think Glee is better and I'm not a Glee fan either... :-/

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