Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Children of the Jedi

I really liked this one! It was what I would deem a classic continuing story novel much like the ones I read as a kid for movies like Aladdin... ok, yeah those were written for children and this is for an older reader, what I mean is it is a fun adventure in the spirit of Star Wars.
I applaud the author! She did not portray Luke as a superman type in the way many have been in the last few novels. One of the reasons he was so endearing in the movies was his under dog status and human emotion. Reading this you might feel after a while that this is a, lets beat up Luke book! Poor Luke :-( but I was glad this was a step back to him being a human and not a Super-Jedi.
The other charictors where also true to the originals.
This author's writing style is a little different and took a little while to get the hang of her way of phrasing. This has to be one of my favorites. I hope the next author can continue doing justice of the direction this book has taken the Star War Universe.
I am always thrilled to see a Star Wars novel written by a women. Partly cause Star Wars is more often than not are marketed to guys. I have been a fan from around the age of 10 when my mom recorded it on TV on a VHS tape I watched over and over again which I still have... remember those. Ah, the good ole days... :-)

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