Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Empire Strikes Back

Moving all my past reviews from Pinterest onto my Blog. In case your wondering, I am reading throught the Star Wars Saga and trying to do so in as close to order as I can though, I do have to jump to the Old Republic stories from time to time due to not being able to get my hands on the next book but other wise is pretty much in order as they should be read.
I have been a Star Wars fan since I was little and they showed the movies on TV and my mom recorded this one and ROTJ for me. As a teenager they started talks of making the prequels and I again I found my VHS of the movies and started watching them again! I've never been too out spoken about my love of the movies untill recently and I discovered there is a HUGE library of novels! I wondered where these books had been all my life! First one I ever bought was on clearance for $5 at Books-a-Million.
Now with that said, let's star here...

I read The Empire Strikes Back in under 2 days. Yes, I would have started with Star Wars: A New Hope but I have yet gotten my hands on a copy! But being I pretty farmilar with the movie, it wasn't a huge big deal though I would like to read it! Anyway...
My Copy
This was well writen and easy to follow. The thing that bugged me most was it didn't have the classic...
Leia - "I love you!"
Han - "I know!"You have to realize that these type of movie novalizations are often written before the movie is released so should a line be throw in there that is not in the script it could quite easily be left out of the book.

On to; Return of The Jedi

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