Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dyslexia is NOT a Joke

 My answer to this pin (at right) from Pinterest I came across a while back, would be that they are "teachers" and dentist are not. While I'm not saying it's all teacher’s fault a student fails (it’s case to case) but I, being someone who went through the school system up to grade 3 with a very recognizable learning disability and never recognized and treated I have to blame my teachers for that. The scary thing is I had about the best grades in my class! We must have been graded on a sliding scale. I was even tested to be put into PACE but didn't quite grade high enough on my IQ (I'm guessing without Dyslexia I would have)
  I was taken out of school not for religious reasons like most homeschoolers but due to the fact my mom had to teach me at home even while I was going to school!
  If your thinking this is the reason the teachers missed my Dyslexia, it is not. I uncovered a math test I took in 3rd grade. The answers were right but half the numbers were written in mirror image... the teacher makered them as correct with no correction on the way the letters were written! NO ONE looking at my work from back then could miss that I had a major problem.
  But I did have the opportunity many do not have, the option to home school. "Studying" on my own would not have done the trick. Though my mom was not trained to teach a dyslexic she managed to do so doing what it took to get me to learn. One on one. I don't know where I would be now if I had not homeschooled. I doubt I could even have been able to read had I not had my mom there to realize I wasn't learning how to! How many kids out there don't have that support? How many teachers THINK it's not their fault that thier students are failing cause the kids are just lazy?
  After homeschooling I had learned to overcome it a great deal and I now feel anger towards the teachers that let me go on in school feeling stupid cause I couldn't spell, read, or write correctly because my teachers overlooked the fact I had clear signs of a problem! Teachers have a responsibility to children’s lives more so then a dentist. It’s easy to fix a cavity, not so easy to fix a child’s self esteem…

 Mine greatly suffered. I was afraid to speak cause words don't quite always come out right when I'm nervous. Afraid for peers to see my writing cause nothing was spelled right! I discovered my love of writing cause I had a Grandmother who patiently wrote out my stories before I was even old enough to write as I told them over the phone. I did not have to fight a battle with spelling things, I had the freedom to write as my heart desired and I loved it! I later had to overcome writing things myself but by then the love of writing overcame the frustration of spelling. In today's world spell checkers are great! I can tell how tiered I am by how many words are spelled wrong in something I wrote.
  I still can not read a old fashion clock, time management is hard for me. As you may have guessed by this blog I do read a lot but it's hard. I do best if I'm in a quite dimly lighted area. I still find it difficult speaking to strangers or even friends but am learning slowly that it is OK to be Dyslexic.
  Being Dyslexic is not a joke. Too many think it is! It's not switching a few letters or words every once in a while... it is a part of you everyday of your life... something that makes you ashamed of how it makes you different, makes you feel and look stupid. In fact it is a legal disability.
  I'm overcoming the feeling stupid part cause I am realizing I am not stupid, my brain is just wired a bit different then yours. In fact I may be better in some things then you are! ;-) Some even call Dyslexia a gift... In fact here is a list of a few Dyslexics you may have heard of...

  • Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer
  • Orlando Bloom, actor
  • Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr., astronaut and third man to walk on the moon
  • Cher, singer and actress
  • Anderson Cooper, American journalist
  • Tom Cruise, actor
  • Patrick Dempsey, actor
  • Whoopi Goldberg, American actress, comedienne, TV personality
  • Anthony Hopkins, actor
  • John Lennon, musician, songwriter
  • Jay Leno, talk show host and comedian
  • Jamie Oliver, chef and television host
  • Ozzy Osbourne, musician
  • Charles Schwab, founder of U.S. brokerage firm
  • Henry Winkler, actor, spokesman for the Dyslexia Foundation

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