Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shield of Lies

 This author is good! This story has such a complex story line that the 2nd book is written in 3 sections. Lando"s story, Luke's story, and Leia's. All basically 3 unconnected stories which in the end I'm sure will meet. For book 1 I was complaining that I couldn't hardly keep up with the characters! I smiled when I opened this one and found a list of who's who and where! :-)

 I read a portion of the book riding from NJ to AL. I felt like I read for nearly 24 hours straight 8-o Which I stopped after starting on Leia's portion of the book, my mind just couldn't think well enough at that point to continue!

 I'm looking forward to the next book! The author has a wide range in writing talent, if that makes since. He can write about politics with amazing depth and contrast with the emotional search for Akanah's and Luke's family. A very good author!

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