Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/12 Fading Ribbons...

(My FB Status for Sept. 11 2012)

  "11 years ago I woke up to the news of 9/11. The worst can bring out something great in people. I saw something come out in Americans that makes you truly feel there is something great in this country. A love of country and how when pushed we can ALL fight as one for our freedom. The land was dripping in Red, White, and Blue. We finally understood, United. A small bit of the ribbons I tied to the car still remain 11 years later. I have never had the heart to remove it. Really, I wish I could replace them with new. The memory of 9/11 will fade slowly and perhaps for some making it maybe just a touch easier to deal with their loss, and maybe not, but I feel sadness at the loss of the memory of the good that it brought out. There is so much pettiness in politics but then in that time you understood that lives meant so much more then anything else. It wasn't an easy time but I'm thankful I was there so I understand it. The upcoming generation will not."
Never Forget!
Though memories may fade like the ribbons on the car.
The changes made on this day will be with us forever.
And a warning to the future must be made.


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