Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year 2013!
 It’s been a crazy year! Hard to comprehend I’ve been reading the Star Wars Novels for over a year now!
Ringing in the New Year
 I had a pretty good Christmas. Spending it with family for the first time in several years! Family in both blood and made. I didn’t realized how much I missed some of them! But I miss NY as well as in some ways I’m just not a southern girl... in many ways really. It's funny though that I left NY/NJ getting away from Sandy and Christmas day in AL greeted us with Tornados! Such a wild year!

  But, I wanted to share my prize of the season. :-) I saw these first on a blog about black Friday and thought that’s neat… I’ll never see them as I don’t often do black Friday. I think it’s silly after trying my hand at it a couple of times.

 I did go to the store later that day and found these! BUT I did not buy them as I just still thought they were overpriced for me. Christmas came and went and I was looking over the clearance and came across toys half price! I started looking for these as I had been watching them for a while… YES! HALF PRICE!
  One set is classic prequel characters and the other is Clone Wars characters which I started watching in Oct. on my trip to NY. What bugs me in nether have an adult Anakin Skywalker in it! There is a child Anakin and a Darth Vader but not a young adult Anakin... oh well, maybe I'll get one later... Oh, and I did go back later and find a cute R2D2 candy dispenser!

 Here's to 2013! May it be as crazy as 2012 but in a much better way!

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