Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games)

   This book has a fitting title! I wasn't sure what direction the story was going to go after finishing Book #1. But this started as a burning ember and ended up in a raging fire! I think I found a new title to add to my favorites list!

    I had a hard time finding a copy of Catching Fire! As I said, I got Book #1 free at a booth on Forest Gump day in Bayou La Bate while I was showing my original line of jewelry earlier this year. Otherwise I most likely have ever had read it. I was on a 1000+ mile trip. When I stared on it I did find a Walmart that had all three books. Um, I decided to wait and buy it later on during the trip. I mean I pass a LOT of Walmarts in 1000+ miles! After that one Walmart I did not see any Hunger Games books again! I used the time to reread the first book... but what is up with this??? I knew Mockingjay Part II was coming out so I would think stores would carry the books! They don't... My mom's remark was that young readers would rather go see the movie then read it. My reply was I could not see how the movie could be as good as these books!

    Am I old school wanting to read the books and in a real book at that?! The fact that I'm writing this down on paper before typing it on the computer might be another sign I am pretty old school... When I was a kid my family didn't go to the movies so being a Disney fan I went out and bought the novelizations of the movies so I knew what the movie was about before the VHS came out. yeah, I'm old school... I still have my VHS Disney collection.

    (Ok, how did I get off track here... we are talking about Catching Fire)

    So nearing my destination and re-reading The Hunger Games... idk, I may have been doing a re-re-read at that point. I was realizing most Walmarts don't carry this book. I might just have to go to a real bookstore to find it. Those are becoming rarer, you know. Anyway, I was in need of a rest stop I see an exit and take it! I was surprised and delighted that it takes you into a shopping complex with a Book-A-Million! +Books-A-Million


    I first I discovered their Star Wars section! They had some cool Star Wars stuff! Not what I was in there to buy but fun taking it all in. All the old EU books are reprinted now as "Legends". I had noticed that for about a year the Star Wars book section was nonexistent. I wondered what was up with that. Was good to see they are still in publication!

    After a bit of looking I finally found The Hunger Games! They had one Catching Fire that matched my copy. (I have OCD, my books need to match! lol...) They also had a hard back, another copy that look nothing like mine and box sets. So I ended up with the only one they had that matched mine. I don't normally buy books at retail price but I wanted this one!!! And hey, the first book was free. AND it was totally worth the price!

    I'm now waiting for Mockingjay. After trying store after store I had just about the same time finding it as I did Catching Fire! So I ended up ordering it from Walmart. They had it at a discounted price and I got around shipping by having it delivered to the store. It was nearly half what I paid for Catching Fire.

    I mean, really? The finale movie just came out! Why doesn't anybody have the book! That really gets me.... want to read this book? Well, may the odds be ever in your favor...

    One thing that's also been bugging me is with the last movie coming out I'm seeing trailers on TV.... I HATE SPOILERS!!! I don't even like to read a summery of a book on the covers before I read it. Ever notice they manage to plant spoilers in them? I want the complete roller coaster the author wrote! I did this with the first book so I didn't even know Prim was called at the reaping and Katniss takes her place. It was better not knowing what is going to happen. They tell you that happens on the back of the book!

    In the movie previews I cringe I'm going to spot a major spoiler. I also like to have my own picture in my mind of what it all looks like. I think a lot of book readers feel that way about reading, though I am curious so I watch the ads on TV.

    It's hard to imagine the movies being as good as these books. What clips I have seen of the movies I wasn't very impressed. Katnis' wedding dress... It looks stupid...

    And then there is the fact I don't like Jennifer Lawrence... yep, that simple. I don't like her... maybe she's a good Katness, idk. I just don't see Katness as much as I see Jennifer Laurence... I'm not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence.

    Well, the most obvious spoiler is that Peeta's lives and makes it out of the Capital's hand... We don't know his fate at the end of Catching Fire. He shows up in Mockingjay Part II so that tells you something there.

   But anyway, I did see one (what I would call a spoiler) In the part when she's put to bed by Peeta after she almost got trapped on the wrong side of the fence. She is about to fall out from the sleep syrup and losing grasp of her inhibitions she tells him to stay with her. She loses consciousness as he says one word to her. I loved that scene in the book and wondered what he had replied. Thinking it through "Always" seemed the most likely. A few days ago a Mockingjay add caught my eye on TV. Katniss holding Peeta's face says "Stay with me" With intensely he replies, "Always".

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