Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tees from another Galaxy... Star Wars Haul!

Tees from another Galaxy...
    So last Christmas was a huge time for the Star Wars Galaxy! Never would have dreamed I would see this much Star Wars merchandise in the stores in my life! I treated myself to a few things at full price I really wanted and then wait to see what I could snap up when the clearance sales hit!
    Here's my T-shirt haul! Found at Wal-mart marked down to $3 each!

The Millennium Falcon and the Death Star
Very Classic Star Wars graphic. Luke, Leia, and Han, company. The shirt is a long underwear type fabric. Long Sleeves.

Awe BB-8 is so cute! :-) The socks are not from Wal-mart but Michael's Craft Store where they had their Star Wars stock marked down half price. So this was a pack of 3 pairs of socks for about $3

The Force Awakens! I was thrilled to find this! Great graphics on this one including Rey! Get those female characters in there! Thank you Disney!

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