Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The New Jedi Order: Refugee

The new Jedi order: Refugee
     I read the first book in this trilogy over a year ago. I was unable to find Refuge online for a price I wanted to pay. I ended up reading The Hunger Games which kept me in thrilled for quite a while. I didn’t know when I was going to get back on track on my Star Wars reading. I did manage to read through Outbound Flight which I haven’t gotten to blogging about yet. But anyway, I always hit Goodwill books section and hit gold one day with find 1? Star Wars Novels! All later books which call for a higher price on Ebay. But the kicker was one of the books was Refugee! At last I can continue with The New Jedi Order.
The book before it had been good and left me with a bit of a cliff hanger which made not being able to buy it all the worse. But Refugee did not live up to my expectation. This trilogy is basically wrapping up what happed with Bakura which was a very good book. This one I feel could have been better or maybe left alone completely. It is an interesting comparison on how opposite the Vong are to the Surook. I do like that they did go back to answer what would happen if these two foes crossed. Maybe in the long run the inclusion of this will fit together in the long run of the series. We will see.
Just a note, the fact there are no chapters was annoying me though I don’t remember it bothering me of the last book.
    Sometimes it’s interesting how current event are playing out relate to a book you are reading. The title is “Refugee”. What is happening in America now? One of the big news stories being Trump banning emigrants. Here in this book they are letting aliens into Bakura who claim they have escaped there oppressors. The end game turns out to be just a trick to get inside Bakura to take it over. In fact nothing is at it appears as the enemy is even worse than thought. The Vong are truly behind the set up. I point this out as an example of why people are afraid of free open doors to emigrants. Your worst enemies will pass themselves off as anything they can to strike us. However you fall in this debate you have to see the sense in that fear?
   But the end of the book picked up a little. Maybe most of the book was a lot of filler… it felt that way. I had a hard time getting through it. And I yet understand what is going on with this planet. Why again are they looking for it and how in the galaxy is this going to help them? I just don’t understand why this planet is important! They sure want to find it though... Makes me think of Rey finding Luke on that planet at the end of The Force Awakens. Ah, Luke finally found it!

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