Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dark Apprentice

  Don't understand why the cover art on this novel is not as good as the first in the series but done by the same artist. Luke and Han look like prunes on the cover of Dark Apprentice Vol. 2, they don’t on Jedi Search Vol. 1. I did not like this one as much as Vol. 1. I read the first one again before reading this one cause it had been so long since I read it and I enjoyed it the second time maybe more so then the first! But Vol. 2 as I noted about Vol. 1 that this author just doesn't capture Luke Skywalker and since Luke is in this a lot it bugged me :-P
Vol. 1 was more about Han. I also felt the author was trying to stretch out this story out to make it into a book. The part about the twins seems a bit pointless and the way they return makes even less since :-/ Maybe it will tie in in Vol. 3. The main story did pick up at the end. Now on to part 3...

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