Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ambush at Corellia

 This is a slower pace novel. I won’t complain about the author’s ability to write because it was written well unlike others where the sentences are constructed so strangely I’m reading it over and over trying to figure out what on earth the author said just happened or it's so simplistic it reads like Dick and Jane reader.

In this one the Solo family decides to take a family vacation on Han’s home planet Corellia. While they are gone Luke goes on a mission with Lando completely unconnected to Leia’s trip. The way it is written it sounds that there is a time lapses since the last novel but I’m unsure how much but they talk of there being peace for a while.

 My overall review is that it’s entertaining enough to read but slow and kind of non-eventful. I was disappointed in the author’s ability to make characters likeable. I mean the children come across as out right brats!

(YouTube Video of what the begaining of this book would look like if it was a movie. Thought it was kind of neat!)
  The following is spoilers so fare warning….

  Ok, this is some of the problems I noticed in this book… Luke gives Leia a light saber cause… well, why did he give her one when she already has one? And evidently she didn’t build either of them when a Jedi is supposed to… plus he gives her a red one at that… RED?! Was it not known at the time that only Sith have red sabers? What is going on with this? And also Leia says she doesn’t carry her old one anymore! That is hard to believe since she has in the past used it quite a bit!

 Then there is this scene with Mon Mothma that I believe happens before he gives his sister the lightsaber where she is giving him some strange lecture… what is that about?! You think her strange behavior must have a reason but then it never does!

 And then there is Lando… now this story was kind of amusing but I have a hard time seeing Luke going along with this but... whatever, it was funny :-)

 On a technical note, you know I never notice typos that much in a book, even when other people do but I found quite a few in this one! I think they slacked a bit on the proof reading on this book! I even started taking pics of them cause I just never see quite that many! (and this isn't all of them...)

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