Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker's Romance (Art by Fans)

  Ok, maybe there is a little of a romantic in me.... I've a very practical intellectual girl but yeah, I think there is a little bit of a romantic in me.... Ok, I was curious and took an online quiz :-) Really these online quizzes are better then they use to be. Lately they have been coming up with fairly accurate results! I took it HERE and this is the results...
 I use to do fan art many, many, MANY years ago and most of it was Disney related and before I even knew what the internet was and even knew that it was called "Fan Art". Reading The Hand of Thrawn sparked my romantic side and inspired me to created a piece of fan art from it on my new touch screen computer. There are some great moments in the two books but some reason I chose the moment before Luke purposed. I'm not the best artist around but it's fun trying (Don't you dare quote Yoda here!)

Mara and Luke - Visions of the Future - Star Wars by AmandaKayHowell on deviantART

I just created an account on DeviantART and it's fun to look through other people's fan art. I hope they don't mind if I share them here...

 This is a great collage with a quote from Spector of the Past...

Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker by sailorelo on deviantART

  Another memorable moment from Spector of the Past with Mara and Luke. Luke has just escaped and landed in a trance unconscious onboard a ship where Mara was waiting for him and in the process he lands right on top of her braking his fall. I found two fan art pieces depicting the moment... The first is when Mara wakes Luke with the keyword "Welcome aboard"

"Welcome Aboard" by Beckrum on deviantART

The second captures a moment later when Mara remarks... "So. You want to get off me, or were you just getting comfortable?"

Getting comfortable? by LordAkiyama on deviantART<

 Now we jump to Vision of the Future. Mara is shot in the shoulder and to attempt to heal it he puts her into a healing trance. When she is out he is realizing to his dismay that he loves her. Before getting on with the healing he suddenly reaches down and gives her a quick kiss.

A Stolen Kiss by AG88 on deviantART

Next is from Vision of the Future. Luke has already purposed and they realized they are not going to drown, they finally kiss.... "Together forever"

FalconFan - LukeMara Kiss by Lipstress on deviantART/a>

Ok, now engaged here are Luke and Mara's engagement Holos! Haha, cute idea even though I'm not a huge fan of engagement picture... (my non-sappy side coming through)

Skywalker Engagement Coloring by call-me-lydia on deviantART

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