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Vision of the Future

Talon Karrde (portrayed by Zahn, right)
Mara Jade (portrayed by Shannon McRandle)
Corran Horn (portrayed by Michael Stackpole).

Vision of the Future
As I thought! Spector of the Past was just a preamble for Visions of the Future! Wow! Timothy Zahn is pretty good! It's been quite a while since I've read one that got me that enthralled!

 There are a lot of characters! If you have never read any of the expanded universe books you might not want to attempt this set as your first, but if you want to know which ones are worth the read go for one written by Zahn!
This was a long one, 520 pages (my Hardback copy). According to Wookieepedia it is the longest Star Wars novel (694 pages) and in Germany it was split into two books. I had some trouble remembering who was who and where at times but most of the time I figured it out after reading a little into the chapter. (that's when character charts would be nice and handy!) It all intertwines in clever ways. Like I said in my review of Specter, Zahn has a way of being able to surprise me with twists I don't expect! He is also the creator of several of the major expanded universe characters so it just seems right for him to write life changes to these characters and get the personalities right while doing it! His characters are likeable and he's good at keeping a story going leaving you wanting more. He left room for more books to be written, he doesn't write himself into a corner.

The Planet Nirauan

So the story gets so complicated that I'm not even going to attempt much of a review. So I'll just skip to my discussion that will include spoilers... so fair warning! ;-)

  • Han and Leia - This really isn't a huge book for them. Leia is no longer acting president of the New Republic. I thought she just ran out of terms or something but then you find she just stepped down temporarily... hu? I got a little lost there as to why that was but, it was. And since when does leia agree to go on little vacations when they are on the brink of Civil War? That kind of bugged me cause it seemed out of character...

  • Corran - AH! I didn't know there were anymore books about this guy set after I, Jedi! I liked the way he was protrayed in this book and good to see him again even though I, Jedi was not my favorite.
  •  Shada - Meet Shada! Yeah, Shada from a group of pirates I have never heard of... This story seem to come out of no where... but it worked. Made keeping up with the story a little harder though.
  • Karrde, Ghent, and Bel Iblis .... I got so confused as to where these people were and what missions they were on! There were so many characters to keep up with!
  • Pellaeon - I knew there was something I liked about this guy in the first Thrawn Trilogy!
  • Flim - Ok, this was one character that was easy to remember his name. Just think of Flim Flam Man and you've got it made!
  • Luke and Mara - Oh yes, you knew I would save them for last! Thank you Zahn, well done. There is nothing more humorous then purposing to a girl right before you are about to drown to death! It was funny... but in a Star Wars humor! But beside the amusing aspect of the whole romance I loved how a REAL connection strengthened between them. Love truly is more then just a feeling, but a connection of minds and emotion and a bond of two people. I'm glad Zahn went that route and made that point very clear.
 Ok, yeah while most girls had a thing for Han... Luke was more my type. One of the few times a male was my FAVORITE character in a movie and not the princess. Mara suites him well, so I wish him well ;-) I didn't like the other girls he was paired with in the past, he made the right choice... I mean, I was not an option since... wait... haha, I guess I can be a silly girl at times... sorry, I have a soft spot for Jedi!

 This novel even inspired me to create my own fan art. I got a new computer with a touch screen where I can draw on it. Check back later to see it... (Update, TaDa....

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