Saturday, January 24, 2015

Star by Star

   One of the longest Star Wars books I have read! over 600 pages in the hard cover. I think the one that comes close is I, Jedi. I read that one in a paper back. I seem to remember it was around 600 pages as well but being paper back I don't know if it would be more or less in hardback.
   One thing I do not like in The New Jedi Order series is the intense gore. After a while I really feel uncomfortable reading the sadistic rituals of the Yuuzhan Vong. Really I feel this is an attempt to make The Black Fleet Crisis into a whole series. When I first read The Black Fleet Crisis I felt it should have been longer then just three books. The Black Fleet Crisis remains one of my favorites. The Yuuzhan Vong feels like a knock off of the Yevetha... I mean the names are similar! The Yevetha were disturbingly blood thirsty as well but the Yuuzhan Vong has topped them. Ugh...
   But I knew something happened in this book cause I thought I had heard a spoiler before I stared reading it... I didn't get it quite right so, well I guess I was somewhat taken off guard and confused when things were not going as I thought...

Anakin and Tahiri
Spoiler ALERT right here...

   The death of Anakin! Some how I thought he turned to the darkside before his death and his death would take place in Star by Star. Got it half way right! I knew he died at some point in the series but I didn't know which book. I tried not to find out but I accidentally did.
   I'm really going to miss Anakin! He was one of my favorites.
Fey'lya's last stand.
( Isn't his fur white in the book?)
   Another thing I didn't see coming was the fall of Coruscant and the death of Chief of State Fey'lya!!! As surprising as these deaths and events are I think it is a smart move because it does add an extra edge for the reader cause you know they will go as far as killing someone! Someone who's a pretty important person! Hate to say I'm glad they knocked him off! I don't know how many books Fey'lya has been in but he's been annoying the Solos & Skywalkers for YEARS! An irritating character! But he did sort of die as a hero so I can give him that. In the end he truly did care about the New Republic and not his own hide.
   One thing I greatly disliked about this book was how long it was!!! I love long books... but there was just too much of unneeded information that was boring! Less battles and more depth! I mean with a 600+ page novel you'd think they would have plenty of room for both...

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