Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Agents of Chaos 2: Jedi Eclipse

  The best part of this book was the preview of Balance Point by Kathy Tyers at the end... hmm... James Lucendo, still not a fan...

  I guess a lot happened in this book but it had little to nothing to do with the book before it, Agent's of Chaos I: Hero's Trail even though this is suppose to be part 2! One thing it did have in common was at the end there is a scene that goes through what you just read... but it really wasn't needed in this one. I was able to keep up with events for once.

  A lot of stuff ties in with previous books going way back.

Cover are of Lightsabers from the Young
Jedi Knight series where Tenel Ka
loses her arm
  First off, and yes again... The Courtship of Princess Leia. At last the guy Leia ALMOST married returns to the picture. Leia goes to Hapes to ask them for help with the coming invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. Isolder now married to the Teneniel and having one Jedi daughter with one arm, Tenel Ka who apparently must have been in one of the junior novels or something due to the fact they speak of an event where Jacen cut it off and I completely have never heard that before. Unless they are doing to her like with Mara sick with no back story. Last I heard of the child Luke was giving some prophetic spill about what great things this child would do... I did not like The Courtship of Princess Leia. So is it my luck that the new films will be completely written around The Courtship of Princess Leia??? I mean this book inspired some of the stories in The Clone Wars TV show! WHY?!?! Anyway... getting back on topic...
   Ok, now I know (through a Google search that yes, her arm was cut off in one of the Young Jedi Knights books. ways to get adults to read a kids book? lol....
  While Leia is in Hapes Han in continuing to search for his new friend's family who has most likely either been capture/killed by the Yuuzahn Vong or made it to a refugee camp.
Ziro the Hut from The Clone Wars

  Ah, speaking of The Clone Wars, this book explained the Drag Queen Hut, Ziro! Turns outs Huts are both male and female! Who knew?! Well, somewhere I missed it at least. So... at some point in Jabba the Hutt's life he was female?? But wait... didn't Jabba have a baby in The Clone Wars? Was Jabba female at that point? I'm getting confused... I'll leave it at that....

  Now we are brought back to the The Corellian Trilogy with Anakin and Jacen. A war on morals are heating up and even Han's cousin is playing a part.

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