Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Balance Point

 I'm having to backstep here. I read a couple of books while on a work/vacation in Westchester NY. I had little to no internet so I have fallen behind on reporting on what I read last fall.

   Written by Kathy Tyers I was a little disappointed. This was not as good as The Truce at Bakura. It didn't capture the personalities like The Truce at Bakura. It did however end with quite a cliffhanger.
  I don't know how to say anything about this that is not a spoiler so... Fair warning. +Star Wars

    I've been waiting for this for a while now! Mara and Luke discover they are having a baby... Mara has been so upset that she may never have one. She's been on the losing battle against an illness brought on to her from the Yuuzhan Vong. At last they found a semi-cure from the tears of Vergere a bird like creature that for reasons unknown left for Mara to help her.

  So when Mara notices the unknown being inside her she mistakes it as alien there to attach her life again but before destroying it she realizes she senses Luke in it and the pieces come together...

   So hears the thing that got me. She's wanted a child with Luke for so long and her first reaction is, NO! NOT NOW! and is considering for a moment even abortion?! What Mara Jade is this?!?! She'd be the biggest best mama bear in the galaxy!!!

 Ok, so in comes Luke after she abandons him during a mission... she lets him realize what is in her and he's happy... her? Nope. I will admit to a little fear that the child might not be well or even tainted by the dark side since she still hasn't over come her unknown illness... but really, that is not a Mara Jade reaction! Please bring the REAL Mara back!

Relaxing with a book, a costume I was making,
 and my lovey dovey plopped at my feet!
   Meanwhile Jacen is fighting a personal battle with his and everyone's future and now will no longer use the force. He holds out on this until his mother's life is in stake. This action leaves you at the cliff hanger. Because of the outrage over Jacen's actions all Jedi now have a price over their heads. Jacen having the highest.

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