Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand

Japanese Cover Art
  I like how they are going back and pulling out characters from way back when! This one was I was surprised to see. Ever wondered what happened to Irek Ismaren from Children of the Jedi? Irek was a child with his mother who Leia runs into. The women, Roganda Leia had remembered from the days of the Empire. The question is raised if he could be the son of the Emperor. Irek has unusual force abilities. The boy and his mother disappear at the end of Children of the Jedi
  Luke and his group are now back at occupied Corsucant. Mara did not want to leave her son but feels that she should go on this mission. It was a good call. Just at the nick of time her days with the Empire saves the whole teams life.
   Want to makes some comments on the cover. Pretty cool looking painting of Han and Leia. Leia's hair is shorter which is true that her head was shaved a little while back... BUT, she's like, what, in her 40's now? That's a lot of grey hair and wrikles for a 40 year old! They did this to Luke as well in Vector Prime! 
   Then there is the Japanese cover for this novel. Luke looks really young there along with the rest of them. I like this cover better. I just would like to think they are healthy 40 year olds, lol... and the layout is more dramatic and relevant to the story! 

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