Thursday, February 16, 2012

I, Jedi

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For the past 6 months I have been writing reviews on Pinterest on each book I read in the Star Wars series. Since using pinterest is a bit hard on my phone and I have now discovered they have put a limit on text! I found this blogging app for my new Android so... hi blogger world :-) I'm not much of a blogger btw, I doubt few are even gonna read this.... but here goes... ;-)
I, Jedi was quite a change from the past books I have read in the SW Universe. Mainly because it was writen in 1st person through the eyes of Corran Horn who throughout the book changes names quite a few times!
I'm skipping over the X-wings books right now. I may later go back and read them but I'm sticking to the orignal charictors right now (plus stories about X-wings sound so boring... I could be wrong, I haven't read them yet) this book seems to be a mixture of both. oddly and I was surprised by this, the book back tracks in time retelling the story of Champions of the Force through Corran's eyes. Then continues on from there with Corran's story. I had a bit of a time keeping up with it at points, mostly when they strayed from the main charictors but that may be due to I have not read the X-wing books and not that farmilar with all the charictors in those. I may have to return to this book again one day after I've read them.
Biggest complaint, LUKE why do some of these authors have such a hard time capturing the personality? This author did better then the last but not much.
This book was also the longest I have read at around 600 pages. I have to wonder why the author dwelled on some events in the story and skipped quickly over others. I couldn't quite figure it out.... Lastly this author is more based in reality... haha... which was a tad annoying because I enjoy reading to leave it and join another. Questioning things in the SW world that I hadnt thought about in a realistic way. Some things were thought provoking... I like the one about looking at yourself in the mirror....
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