Star Wars Reading List

The Star Wars Reading List

 I like to read/watch things in order. Little OCD... maybe. This is not the easiest thing to do when it comes to the Star War Novels. The later published books have a book list in the first pages but as time goes by books are written and you could easily miss reading one if you don't do some research.
 Here I will start a list of my own. Click on titles of ones I have read to read my comments on what I thought about the book.
 For now I will focus on books starting with A New Hope because that seems to be the best starting point in case you were wondering.
 I am only listing true adult novels. Not the ones geared more for children. An * denotes the book is not mainly about the main characters like Luke, Leia, or Han.


Star Wars - A New Hope (Episode IV)

Splinter of the Mind's Eye


Choices of One

The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V)

Shadows of the Empire

Star Wars: Aftermath

Return of the Jedi (Episode VI)

The Bounty Hunter Wars* (I have not read these, there are 3 books)

The Truce at Bakura

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

X-wing Series* (have not read, contains 10 books I think)The Courtship of Princess Leia

Tatooine Ghost

The Thrawn Trilogy - #1 Heir to the Empire

The Thrawn Trilogy - #2 Dark Force Rising

The Thrawn Trilogy - #3 The Last Command

The Jedi Academy Trilogy- #1 Jedi Search

The Jedi Academy Trilogy- #2 Dark Apprentice

The Jedi Academy Trilogy- 3 Champions of the Force

I, Jedi* (Luke Skywalker is in this alot but is not the main character)

Children of the Jedi


Planet of Twilight

The Crystal Star

The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy - #1 Before the Storm

The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy  - #2 Shield of Lies

The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy - #3 Tyrant's Test

The New Rebellion

The Corellian Trilogy - #1 Ambush at Corellia

The Corellian Trilogy - #2 Assault at Selonia

The Corellian Trilogy - #3 Showdown at Centerpoint

The Hand of Thrawn - #1 Specter of the Past

The Hand of Thrawn - #2 Vision of the Future

Survivor's Quest

And here begain's the New Jedi Order Era...

Vector Prime

Dark Tide I: Onslaught

Dark Tide II: Ruin

Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial

Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse

Balance Point


Edge of Victory I: Conquest

Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

Star by Star

Dark Journey

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand


Destiny's Way

Force Heretic I: Remnant

Force Heretic II: Refugee

Force Heretic III: Reunion

The Final Prophecy

The Unifying Force

_________________________________ The Dark Nest

The Joiner King

The Unseen War

The Swarm War

____________________________________Legacy of the Force










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