Saturday, December 12, 2015

My Star Wars Christmas List

New Star Wars Novels
Found in Mohegan Lake NY
    Never in my life have I seen so much Star Wars goodies in the stores. So much I have to plan out what I like best to get myself! Too much to get everything! And hey, I'm not that rich! I'm hoping to see some stuff hit clearance after Christmas! +Star Wars

    I went picture shopping with my cell phone. So, for those of you planning out your Star Wars Christmas List!

    The old EU is gone... at least for now. (cause hey, we yet know what happens in the movie and maybe some of the old EU will apply, IDK...)

    I was excited to find one centered around Leia! Disney is welcoming us ladies to the Universe like never before! I found these in Mohegan Lake NY in the Young Adult book area in Walmart... I'm like, so older people won't like them or something? What makes a young adult novel a "Young Adult" novel??? I've wondered about that with the Hunger Games as well...

Star Wars Classic Darth Vader Battle Buddy
Found in Mohegan Lake NY

    This is something of all ages would think as cool but made for kids to have light Saber fights with while I'm guessing they are play acting the fights between Darth Vader and his son Luke Skywalker. It's about 3 or so feet tall. Motion activated.
    Personally I find stuff like this a little creepy, lol...    I was also amused at Vader's chain necklace! Vader's from the Hood!

"The officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader Battle Buddy offers young fans hours of fun. This oversized toy features realistic details, including a flowing fabric cape, metal chain and signature lightsaber hilt on the belt. Interactive friend or foe modes and seven-point articulation allow kids to re-enact their favorite scenes from the hit film franchise. This 48" Darth Vader Battle Buddy is also equipped with a motion detector that triggers sound clips and breathing noise effects."

Men's Shirts
Walmart in Mohegan Lake NY

   I was getting annoyed when they started rolling out the Star Wars stuff and again very few items for girls and women. Here was a nice display of men's t-shirts. Since I took these picture they have rolled out some geared to women and girls! But the men's came out first! What is it with that? Will have to post more on the newest wave that has hit the shelves!
    Of these I think I like the hoodie the most and the B8 one is cute.
    This was also taken in Walmart in Mohegan Lake NY. It's that only one who had this display! Other Walmart are not that organized! Have fun digging through the piles and racks of shirts!

Cover Girl's Star Wars Make-up Collection
Walmart in Mohegan Lake NY

    I found out about CoverGirl's +COVERGIRL Star Wars line online. I went looking for it and just could not find it! The first display I found was in a CVS. Here this was the first one I found in Walmart. Walmart is a bit cheaper the CVS. Around $6 for the lip stick in Walmart and $9 in CVS!
    I'm going to have to do a whole post about this make-up!
    Honestly, the fact they went this direction in including women's girly side makes me happy and want to show support! THANK YOU
    Wouldn't it be cool if they had done something like this with the prequels? You know with all that amazing costumes and crazy makeup of Padme!

      I giggled at this one (left) R2D2 Bop It game. Brought back a personally memory of a friend and I joking about the prequel droids they would turn on and off by hitting them on the head.
    (right) These are a little strange artistic wise. They a cups with lids. Is it just me or does the cup next to Darth Vader look like a Donald Duck Storm Trouper?

Star Wars Towels
Walmart in Mohegan Lake NY

    You can even find cool Star Wars stuff in the home decorating area! Sheets, trash cans, rugs, towels, window curtains... and so forth!

Storm Trouper/Vader Plush Throw
CVS in Croton-on-Hudson NY

   Who doesn't love compfy blankies? Been seeing a number of them coming out. Recently I came across one of Ray in Walmart didn't get a pic of it though. Found these in a CVS in Croton-on-Hudson NY.

Shop Rite in Croton-on-Hudson NY

    One place I wouldn't think to find stuff like this was at a Shop Rite grocery store! This was the first time I had seen the Finn Doll. Give me a break fellows, it is a doll! A doll for boys but a DOLL... So why are the boys getting a doll but not for girls? They made a 11 1/2 Barbie type dolls of Padme (not a very good one but there was one)... so where are they Disney??? I have seen online "Action" dolls of Ray but not one with real hair and changeable clothing. +ShopRite (Official Page)  
Star Wars Vintage Hot Wheels Cars
Croton-of-Hudson NY
    Look at Hot Wheels! This is an interesting idea... assigning vintage cars to Luke, Leah, Obi-Wan... and on. And putting their pics on the cars.
    I would more likely want models of actual ships from the movies but this wasn't a bad idea, it's creative.  
    Actually a while back I did buy me an X-Wing model.
    And again this was in a Shop Rite.
Luke Skywalker's 2nd Lightsaber
Croton-on-Hudson NY
    I'm looking for Luke's green saber for my Lightsaber collection! Finding some here and there through the years I have managed to get everyone that belonged to Anakin Solo/Darth Vader. But I love the green in Luke's. For years I thought his saber was always green. But his father's was blue that Old Ben gave him... He later made this green one but... was I watching a really bad recording on a VSH as a kid or did they change out the color at some point in all those fixings they did to the movies through the years...
    This too was in Shop Rite but I have also seen them in Family Dollar stores as well.
And here I will leave you with Christmas Tree Yoda! Have a blessed Merry Christmas!

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