Saturday, May 19, 2012

Re-reviewing Return of the Jedi

Inside my paperback copy of Return of the Jedi
The weird thing about this book is the first time I read it I was like... "What movie did this man watch!?!?" BUT, after reading what, about 20 SW novels now? After completing Revenge of the Sith and Dark Lord I pulled out my copy of Return of the Jedi and started reading bits and pieces here and there mainly reading through my favorite scenes. I discovered a WHOLE new depth to this novel!!!
Movie Poster
My Copy
 Amazingly a lot of the newer movies played into this one but they weren't even made then! There were a few things that wasn't right, but most was... down to the thoughts going through Vader and Sidious's mind! It's amazing back in 1983 so much of the story was kinda already there! I have to read the first movies to understand last book! Really weird and that depth is really what has made Star Wars what it is... laugh at it if you like but honestly it was a modern work of art in story telling!
 Another interesting bit of info about the movie I came across tonight Click Here
I for one think the right chose was made for the ending. I gives a since of hope to the out come of everything that had happened. The light side won! Uh... Plus... who would have Leia ended up with in the next 100 novels to follow! As much as I dislike Han when I was a kid he has grown on me through the years... :-)

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