Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sandy and The Clone Wars 2/3

  What a month Oct ended up being! So much I can’t even remember it all at this point! As I said in my last blog post, I was up in NY working a show in Sleepy Hollow. Well… the show went well. Sold out nights, fairly warm weather for most of it, and good being with my Horseman’s Hollow family again. BUT then came the last week…

 You see, last year the last two nights of our show was canceled due to the freak Halloween Blizzard of 2011. So the chances of that happening again plummeted even lower! At least this year, our busiest night did not have to be canceled as it was last year but that Sat. night leaving I left with the mindset that I was not coming back for the next show… and I didn’t. The show was canceled the next afternoon. That night I found myself trying to find a hurricane shelter… The following week was full of firsts and hopefully LASTS… like finding out the Red Cross has MAJOR PROBLEMS! (If you want to give to help those effected by Hurricane Sandy this is not the group to go too sadly… basically they give you money and kick you out to the streets… it was a bazaar experience! I don’t want to put down all Red Cross volunteers as I’m sure some have their heart in the right place but some do not and sadly they seemed to be the ones in charge and making the rule and breaking them at will.) Maybe should take a hint with the color, red *sith*? JK... ;-) but I do hold some bad feeling towards the Red Cross.
I spent the actual storm in a shelter in a local Highschool. I went through
Katrina but this storm sounded so much worse noise wise. I ended up
sticking my earbuds in and watching Clone Wars.
 I ended up spending Halloween in a shelter on top of an ice rink. This is the first year I was unable to dress up for Halloween :~( It did help though that a young girl volunteering at the shelter gave a whole bunch of candy and Halloween bags were handed out. (You know you’re having a hard week when you nearly break out in tears when finding Star Wars goodies in your Halloween bag!

 With the events of Sandy and an oncoming blizzard I decided it was time to return to AL for a little while. On the drive back I finished up watching the 3rd season of The Clone Wars. As I have said before, watching the show took up all my reading time, I didn’t get to read any in Oct. though I did bring a novel to do so.

 And I failed to mentioned somewhere in all that was the announcement of the NEW Star Wars movies 7, 8, & 9 and the merge with Disney! What a month… but I’ll save my thoughts on that news for another post! For now, on to my thoughts on The Clone Wars Season 2 & 3…

 I have noted that the first season of The Clone Wars, Anakin was portrayed as… well, too nice. The 2nd season brought a darker Anakin for the first part of the season. I also noticed the animation improved a slight bit as well. But the ‘nice’ Annie returned for the rest of the season.

Padme' and Satine Kryze
Season 3 #05 - Corruption
 It was nice though to bring in an old love of Obi Wan! That’s right! Obi Wan had a girl as well! I would like to know if there was ever a book to cover the story behind that? You know, that is what I like about this show that it gives you a better insight of the characters and back stories that the 3 movies didn’t/couldn’t give you. You see the likeable qualities of Anakin and Obi Wan. Maybe it’s just me but Obi Wan never had much of a character… I mean not with a whole lot of depth…
 In the season #3 finale we get to see a familiar face! Chewbacca makes an appearance!
Captain Wilhuff Tarkin makes
an apperance in “The Citadel”

  The one question that kept eluding me about this show was when watching the first and even the second season was, is this show more for kids then adults? I think I’d have to say the first season is quite geared to kids and the 2nd bringing more of the Star Wars Saga into the stories but still a bit kid’s adventure feel to it, then we get to the 3rd season… WOW, George Lukas goes wild! The 3rd season is not for kids… well, let’s rate it at PG. It gets more violent and the stories darken. And put your palm to your face and say “WHY?”! Of all the characters and worlds and beings brought to the Star Wars Universe, why did they embrace the Witches of Dathomir from The Courtship of PrincessLeia?!?! That book was about the worst! Witches just don’t seem right in the SW Universe! While I’m glad they are bringing the books into the stories, WHY the witches??? Ugh! They greatly annoy me if you haven’t noticed! But it is interesting that we find out that Darth Maul was one of them! Also there is a hint that Darth Maul is STILL ALIVE! They only hint at it and so I don’t know if that is the case (I’m guessing more will come in season 4) but it fits into a comic I recently got my hands on where Darth Maul was still alive when Luke was a baby… again another book/comic ties in? Interesting.

  In another 3 set of episodes in season #3 Anakin ends up on a very force strong world with this family, a daughter who leans to the light side and a son who leans toward the dark side and their father who keeps them in line… It was quite weird and honestly didn’t make complete since but in it Anakin learns what will happen to him and those he loves in the future, an interesting concept even though the episode didn’t make much since otherwise. What does Annie do? He sides with the dark side to try to save the day… this fellow has some personality flaws that luckily his son does not inherent!

This funny remake of a classic SW shot was found on
 I have to admit, the computer graphics are bugging me! The shows are good enough in story to keep me watching but I just don't like computer grapics.

 So now I’m finished with all three seasons and looking forward to season 4. I think I heard it was just released on DVD in Oct. and season 5 is now airing.

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