Saturday, January 18, 2014

We Got Married in a Fever

  It's an old Johnny Cash song. I'm not a fan of Johnny Cash but this song came to mind lately. (Here's the history of it on WIKI) The marriage fever has been going around like the 1919 flu. My mom has told me about the marriage flu that she saw in her circle in the 70's and I'm finally seeing my generation's plague of it.

  At first when it started breaking out, I thought... oh, my friends are just getting to the age of interest in marriage. But then, the "flashover" takes place. I think it's harder for this generation then it was for my mom's. Everyone is connected. We have the internet. We have Facebook. We have Pinterest.... oh, pinterest... a girls best friend when planning a wedding. Do people really change so much once they get out of their teens and into their 20s? Does peer pressure truly stop. Does wanting to be the cool girl with the best Sweet 16 party and prom dress really go away that quickly? Wanting to be the girl with the quarterback or the rich collage boy? I have to say no... people try to give reasons why marriage does not work nearly half the time and I have to say I believe THAT is the reason. Simply marriage is too easy and your not cool if your not married. What do you have to talk about with your friends when they are planning weddings and... your just... well, not. You don't have cool pics of you in a dress by a pro (or someone trying to be) as the center of a party just for you. You sit hours at a computer falling in love with.... a dress. Hey, it's fun to plan a party with a guy you haven't met yet but... how does that cloud of fairytale dreams effect your decision when a guy does come into your life? Is that ring's sparkle blinding you a little? Are you dreaming of how happy your life will be with him or how awesome your life is going to look online?
  Don't get me wrong though... there are a few couples I know that seem legit but it comes to the place where when everyone you know is getting married at the same time some of those marriages I have to question. Which ones are "Going to Jackson"? With a divorce rate as high as 50% someone is...

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