Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Courtship of Princess Leia

  I  barely know where to start with this one… (If you ever want to read this stop here) While the story by it’s self was readable and somewhat interesting I had to wonder why this book was allowed to be published! I did read that this writer was suppose to write a trilogy. Glad to hear that didn’t happen. I mean the writer didn’t even get the color of Luke’s sword right! :-/ It’s green not blue! To say something good about it. The general jealous fighting between Isolder and Han was kinda amusing. I read some people complaining that it was a romance novel. Well, I don’t read romance novels but I hope they have a bit more romance in them then this one did cause a lot of it was running around with creepy women they called witches… “witches” in the Star Wars world? That just doesn’t seem to fit, maybe that’s just me. And also, what’s up with bumping this up to PG/mild PG13? Then there is the relationships between all these people! Luke and Leia are twins that are strong in the force yet Leia doesn’t even feel when her brother arrives on the planet! But she does feel when he dies? But yet he doesn’t die, no, nature around him heals him… come on, they are likening this to Luke’s
First cover for The Courtship of Princess Leia but
was thought to look too much like a romance novel.
battle with Vader and the Empioror but then when he really has a fatal injury the force saves his life… and after this revelation he’s suddenly Super Man! Make that Super Jedi! Is this guy saying it’s impossible to kill Luke?! I think the author went over the bounds & made this plain ridiculous! And Isolder’s mother was killing people to keep them off the throne and hated Jedi but then turned on a dime for really no reasons at all 8~/ I did think the whole idea of Han wining a planet and kidnapping Leia was kinda cute. But what happened to needing money to buy a planet for Leia’s people? Isolder was brought into the picture because of
Han and Leia's Wedding

this! But at the end when Han was paid by the witches Leia tells Han to keep it for their wedding… uh, what about her people? I have a few other  issues with this book, I won’t even bother going into everything! … oh wait, Luke was late to his sister’s wedding due to a mistake?! He is Super Jedi now who can tell people about their future children! How can that really happen and why didn’t they wait for him? I mean Leia couldn’t wait for her only living relative, her twin brother too to start her wedding?! Ugh!


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