Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Truce at Bakura

Leia on the planet Bakura
Dev Sibwarra and the Ssi-ruuk
This was a “couldn’t put it down” for me. It starts the next day after Darth Vader died. The author of this book in my opinion is quite a talented writer. The story was elaborate, the characters were very close to the originals and contained a great bit of depth. I could kind’a hear Star Wars music playing as I read it. :~) I liked the personal secondary story of Leia having to face her origins. I wish there could have been more but I hope that will pick up in later books but I am slightly confused why a few years lapse before a new book picks up after this one. I have read there are some children novels that span this time span but I don’t know if they really counts? There is also the X-wing series which I will not be reading at this point. They may be good but I’m just not that interested in the battles of X-wings :-/ The books written before the last three movies cause a problem in story cause I was under the impression that Jedi do not get married. If you have watched the last three movies you will know what I am talking about but someone did not inform Luke of this in this book. Not too give too much away but it’s something you will notice in a few spots.

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