Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Darksaber was written by the same author as the 3 book Jedi Academy trilogy. As I said about Children of the Jedi, I hoped it would change the direction of how Luke would be portrayed and it did.
It's hard to tell who is going to live and die in this one and I'll try not to give anything away but at least one Jedi dies. The biggest flaw is that the body did not disapear like Jedi always do and no explanation was given to say why it didn't happen so all I can guess is that it was a mistake in the book?
I just looked this book up on Wookieepidia and it claims some say this is the worst Star Wars novel! I have to disagree! The Courtship of Princess Leia is the worst one writen by far! I would say Darksaber is not that bad at all. Over all I enjoyed it. Another interesting bit of it was a look back in time at the building of the first Death Star.
There is a lot to keep up with this one being it jumps back and forth like scenes from a movie which I like the approach. It was nice when at the begaining of a chapter the location was given as to where the events were taking place.
It's to a point in the series now that if you want to start reading these you need to read them in order starting a few books back at least, because so many characters are no longer from the original movies and you're gonna get lost! :-)
Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the next book, Planet of Twilight! Untill I get my hands on a copy what should I read?! Thinking of going back in time and read the next book after Attack of the Clones which I do have... (and that is not Revenge of the Sith. One was written in between)

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