Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revenge of the 5th! (The Dark Side of Drinking)

It's not a pretty picture but it's a true one. Heading home from Hoboken on the NJ Path on the night of Cinco De Mayo was quite a trip. Upon entering the car the smell of alcohol hit me then I discovered someone had thrown up in the car that made the center seats unusable. All trying to keep a distance from the gross sight some laughing at the young girl whom had caused it. She was now on the platform continuing to be sick. The last I saw of her a young male friend of her's was walking, more like carrying her out. She had no ability to stand on her own. When arriving at Newark Penn we were met by an unbelievable amount of youngsters boarding the train obviously some on a mission to condemn themselves of a similar fate as the young girl throwing her brains out in Hoboken. Packing themselves in metal car like sadines packed in liquor. It's such a sad story and the image is gross, and the laughs at the girl callous, but all true... and I ask, why do people do this to themselves? But a better question is, how do we stop people from doing this to themselves? It's an unpleasant sight but one that should be seen. This is only one result of over drinking... she was lucky, another is death.

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