Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disney, My Other Love - Tangled Review

  First off, I lost the next book in the Corellian series! All this AL/NY back and forth I finally lost it. It was bound to happen I guess… I know I didn’t leave it anywhere so it’s not lost for good… just very misplaced :-P

  I am quite annoyed with this and hopefully it will show up sooner than later but till then I got a hold of some movies I have never seen so here we go…

  If you didn’t already know I grew up with Disney and it probably played a huge role in my love for acting and singing, but anyway… I stopped watching Disney movies after The Lion King so I never saw Pocahontas and so on… I have seen some of Hercules which was awful. After around 96 Disney just went downhill. They brought in the Pixar stuff; again as I keep saying I hate computer animation! I remained a huge fan of the “Golden Era” (The Little Mermaid – The Lion King) but had no interest in Disney’s new work.

 A few years ago Disney brought out a line based solely on the “Disney Princesses”. I’m like, WHY did you not have this when I was a kid?!?! I bet you can guess I have bought a few Disney Princess things ;-)

 I also like to pin pics of Disney art on Pinterest. I started noticing new “Princesses” joining the club, haha, even Leia when the news was announced that Disney was buying Star Wars! I love that! Other new princesses who have joined the club in the last couple of years have been Tiana, Rapunzel, and some red headed Irish girl I’m not sure of her name… It finally accrued to me to maybe watch the new ones and see what Disney is up to lately…

I picked Tangled. (2010)

  I was quite taken by the animation! Some of it was quite beautiful… to be computer generated. Disney has improved computer animation to the point of near watchable. The thing that bugged me the most was there was such detail and realism that I found myself staring at not only Rapunzel’s hair but the rest of the character’s too! It was fascinating to a fault. I would have preferred to be looking at their faces rather than their hair but it was so real looking I was in awe of it!

  For once a Disney Princess looked her age or maybe younger then. I did not like the way she was portrayed though. The modern teenage slang did not merge well with the surroundings. I also felt like characters weren’t originals but bad knockoffs from here and there. Flynn clearly was fashioned after Errol Flynn. For a while there I was really thinking Rapunzel was Taylor Swift! The wicked mother, Bernadette Peters? Is this just me here?

Well, looks I'm not alone here...
  Otherwise the story was cute, not partially clever, but cute. Could not compare to the grand movies of the 90’s but it wasn’t bad. What was bad was the music. I know they sang a couple of songs but not one that would stick in your head and come close to finding yourself walking around singing. The movie would have been just as good without them. If I recall correctly, Disney didn’t use to put songs in unless it moved the story forward… obviously they have abanded this rule. These little ditties where pointless and didn’t even have a catchy tune!

Concept Art
  As with most Disney films it’s a little different than the classic tale. Personally I don’t think they improved it any. It’s a good little movie but not a master piece unless you’re looking just at the animation which as I said before is quite lovely for computer animation. One thing about this film that first caught me was the concept art which was done by hand! I came across some on Pinterest and that was when I actually gave this movie a 2nd thought! They are pretty enough to make you want to frame and hang them alone as art.

  I think I see Disney could make a comeback! They just need to find the right recipe again. They found it when they created The Little Mermaid and kept it going through the 90’s. We can only hope Disney can do a repeat one day!

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