Saturday, September 22, 2012

Galactic Hair

   Wanted to share my Princess Leia/Pinterest/Jersey City inspired hair do....
  First off, haha, at times I wish I looked a bit more like Mara Jade with red hair... and maybe a die bottle could do the trick but I may still be stuck looking more like Leia (besides the fact I have to be 6+ inches taller.) I did try to pull off Padme' one Halloween and it worked pretty well but I have a friend that looks so much like her it's a little creepy!
  When I watched the movies as a kid I didn't think the two buns were that funny/stupid looking and have through the years did my hair sort of like that, not even trying to. It was after I went out that it was pointed out. I've always had long hair and did all sorts of stuff with it. With as much hair as I have I can do the buns without help from fake hair!
 Lately I've been seeing all kinds of amazing things done with hair on Pinterest. Long hair is BACK! And doing weird things with is isn't as weird as it use to be! Finally people have caught up with me! Hehe...
  Anyway, The rhinestones comb was found in a beauty shop in Jersey City. I was looking for a present for someone and found this and got it for myself! New Jersey and New York City is a great place to find lovely things like this at really good prices. I don't think I paid more the $2 for this! It's a heart, brown rhinestones surrounded by a row of champagne colored rhinestones. Then a spray coming out of it of brown, champagne, and clear. The whole thing in made of metal so it's gonna last a while which is an issue with me. I want my stuff to last and plastic breaks and feels cheep so I'm happy when I find something made of metal!
  This look reminded me of the above illustration of Leia in The Truce of Backura. What I did is I parted my hair on the side and pulled the other side into a braid. A rubberband at the end of the braid. Pulled the braid under and pinned it with the comb into a loop at the top. Pretty simple and stayed there pretty well too. My hair has a way of not wanting to stay pinned up so I was surprised!
 And there you go... Galactic Hair!

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