Friday, January 4, 2013

Assault at Selonia

 When I first saw this trilogy I feared it would be boring cause Han is just not my favorite character but turns out that was not the case. The thing that gets me is the story isn’t boring nor do I dislike the author… but something about this one is just not incredibly exciting or compelling. There are things that seem rather silly and far-fetched. I mean while having Anakin have a special talent in electronics I feel like it’s a quality being totally taken overboard just to keep the story going…
Han Solo fighting a Selonian
Art by Joe Jusko

 And then putting a shadow of a doubt on Mara Jade doesn’t seem quite right as well! She has been around too long to be the first person looked at when something is amiss! Han may have had some doubts about her in the past but not Leia!

 And then we have a war where nobody seems to know who is behind it or really who is fighting who! And I mean, a ragtag group made to look like 2nd rate Nazis led by Han's evil cousin...

 I’m just at a loss at figuring out what is lacking and basicly going on in this trilogy… It's a bit all over the place! Well, let’s see if it picks up in book 3... then I can make my final statement on this!

 At least there were not nearly as many typos in this one as there was in Ambush at Corellia!

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