Friday, April 12, 2013

This is NOT the Chevy You Were Looking For

   So back a little less then a month ago I got a fairly big surprise... Many of times we have pulled up into our backyard passing a long time relic of my childhood parked behind my childhood home. It was red and large and was one of two cars my Grandmother gave us during my life time, it was a 1980 Chevy Impala. While the car held quite a few memories it was getting up there in age as being almost a collectors piece. But I never dreamed THIS would happen! As always we pull up and I'm looking out my window as my mind starts to realize something was... well, bare. There was no car... just a spot of dirt... where the grass wasn't growing cause there was a car there... but it's not now.... scenarios start racing in my head as to what was going on... did we sell it? No. Did someone sell it and I forgot or wasn't told... not likely.... THERE IS A CAR MISSING!!! It's funny what your brain does when it is met with something totally unexpected!

   I've had several ask if a neighbor could have called to get it removed because it was an eyesore... After a while I am tierd of hearing this! The thing is NO, THERE IS NO WAY, and I find that a bit insulting to my intelligence or a sign of yours... While I'll agree the car was not in the best shape, I have been out of town for over 2 years and that was the best place we could find to put it. If someone complained about it being an eye sore they would have taken the big ugly boat that looks worse then that was next to the car! Believe me, they would have taken the boat first if they were looking for an eye sore! LOL! Someone clearly stole the car. I have actually spotted a car in the area that looks like it but I have not heard if the police have found anything yet. I'm hoping for the best. It was a cool car that would be a waist to have just been scrapped or stripped.

   Somehow whoever took it literally picked it up and ran off with it! Rather amazing actually! There are hardly any marks on the soft ground where it looks like they had to roll it at all on it's own wheels! I made the joke to my mom as I looked at the bare dirt that it looked like aliens came and lifted it up and took off with it!
  So, I get to the punch line of this post... I came across this picture on Pinterest that was just so amusing... Now we have proof that droids are being sent out from a galaxy far far away to come and steal cars!

   Thank you Pinterest for giving me a good laugh over this whole thing! I guess if I never see my car again I can only hope it's making a Kessel Run in record time!
For ways to keep your car from getting stolen (cause it could happen to anyone) go here...

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