Monday, July 13, 2015

Force Heretic #1 Remnant

    After a bit over half way through I'm at last sold on the New Jedi Order Series! It's turning out to be pretty awesome! Sadly, I'm also missing the next book in this trilogy, Force Heretic. Since I have been unable to get my hands on the next one I have gone back and reread parts of a number of books. Where I am now, really makes the past books much more interesting. They did a really good job on this series! Unlike a lot of the novels before were stand alone and written in a somewhat random order. The New Jedi Order is obviously planned out even though a number of authors were involved. This makes it possible to keep a coherent story going! THANK YOU! Actually they are bringing a number of story lines from pass books into The New Jedi Order, tying up lose ends.
   Force Heretic is written by two authors Shane Dix and Sean Williams. Have not seen that done before in the Star Wars EU.


   As for story: As it is now something is happening to Tahiri, nearly a member of the Solo family due to her relationship with the youngest Solo, Anakin. You can clearly conclude that she in her dreams is being chased by two beings.

 Questions: Who are they? Or more like who and/or what do they represent and how real are these dreams? Do they represent the past, future, or actually happening for real?

   The best I can come up with is the being with a face that is her face is her but a changed her, possibly the person the Yuuzhan Vong created for her to be..... the lizard... well, hmm... Anakin? Could some part of Anakin still be around? When she talks to Jaina she tells her he is trying to kill her... what?! I've read and read over again and can't figure out where they are going with this.

    We do know as I noted with Traitor that Jacen sees Anakin in a much higher pain level then he is. That made me wonder if Anakin in some way still being held by the Yuuzhan Vong. But why he would be chasing Tahiri in her dreams wanting to kill her I don't know. In Traitor Anakin (real or not) keeps showing up to save his brother. We are also seeing there is a way to sense the Yuuzhan Vong through the force but not through it... In Destiny's Way Jacen actually tries to show Tahiri how to do it being she had a slave implanted in her as well. He believes that perhaps it is the reason he has this ability. The result is not what he hoped. Tahiri feels nothing... or did she and denied it? In Remnant she feels that she will be hated for what is happening to her. She knows Jacen can sense them as well so why would it scare her since that is what Jacen was trying to do. So many unanswered questions!!!

Solo children's last mission

   Then there is Jaina. This girl has issues. It's understandable that she lost it when she believed both Anakin and Jacen were dead. Before it was known that Jacen was alive she went into a state of despair. Being shocked when learning he was alive she feels guilty that she was responsible for losing contact, blocking him of a way to reach her as she tipped to the dark side. Jacen has a much better reason for not reaching out to her. She would have looked for him if she had known he was alive which is what the Yuuzhan Vong wanted. But Jacen has reasons other then this for not contacting her, as she is, he's ashamed as well at how close he got to losing it. These two have some healing to do.

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