Monday, November 16, 2015

Adventures in Taco Bell and Kleptomania

    Why does such amusing memorable memories happen at Taco Bell..  +Taco Bell  Last night was a bit amusing....

    You know if you eat at the Bell it's annoying when they don't leave the sauces out for the customers to get them for themselfs. Well, it bugs me! My social anxiety kicks in when I have to ask for some and I have to figure out how many I need. Ask for too few and then I might have to come back and ask for more when  I run out or just do without. Too many, I feel like their going to think I've started a hoard or think I'm weird cause I just eat a crazy amount of sauce... Just save me the stress and leave it out so I can figure out on my own!
    Then comes last night... The reason they really ration out the liquid gold...
    (Now I don't know why the man was doing this.... for all I know the guy owns the place... But greatly doubt it... just throwing a disclaimer out there ;-)
    I was traveling and stopped at a Taco Bell in VA.. Best Taco Bell I've been to when it comes to how good their food was.
   I had just returned to my table from visiting the restroom. Another member of my party pointed out what I had been missing while I was gone. There was a man standing at the area you get forks and spoons and such. He was pulling out napkin after napkin after napkin on and on and putting them in his bag. OK... Guess the guy is replenishing his napkin collection at home... THEN he pulled the lid off the disperser and takes out about a 2 1/2 inch stack and puts that in his bag.... You'd think he was through right? Nope, he put the lid back on and starting pulling then out again one by one folding each neatly to put in his bag. A bit of time goes by... he's still at it... I didn't know those napkin holder held so many... I'm watching laughing out loud.... What is this guy doing??? Kleptomania? OCD? Needs toilet paper for the next month... or does he really think he's going to need that many for his bag of tacos? When he get over his compulsion of emptying that dispenser he move on to another pulling them out, folding them nicely and putting them in his bag.

    Eventually he left... I understand why Taco Bell hides their sauce.
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