Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hunger Games 30 Day Challange

Your Favorite Character

#1. Peeta
    The silent Rebel. Such an interesting character.

Your least favorite Character
#2 President Coin
This women is just in no way likeable! (in the book) At least in the end President Snow turned out not to be lying to Katniss!
A character you hate that everyone else loves

#3 Johanna Mason
    Didn't like her in the book or movie. I get it, she's damaged but I still have a hard time feeling sorry for this girl and not being out right annoyed by her! I see a lot of people like her.... in her games she acted week and then turned to a cold blooded killer... what is likeable about this girl?

 A character you love that everyone else hates

#4. Peeta
    Ok, most people like Peeta. I'm just saying Peeta due to the people who keep liking Gale over Peeta. It's quite clear why Katniss ends up with Peeta. I didn't even feel sorry for Gale.
Your favorite battle scene
#5 Mockingjay battle under the Capital (they even did it justice in the movie!)

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