Friday, July 22, 2011

Return of the Jedi

UPDATE; I have rereviewed Return of the Jedi...
(This review needs to be updated since I have reread some of it after reading Return of the Sith and Dark Lord... coming soon...)
My question is, did the writer watch the movie?! I mean for the most part it was OK but there were some spots left out of this book that I feel are very important to the story that are not there! One being when the Emperor is killing Luke and Luke calls out to Vader for help. The cry for help is not in the book. In my opinion that was a very important moment in the story. This was part of what brought out the good in Vader! His sons desperate cries for help. If a parent can’t come to the help of their child with that, they are lost. Otherwise your left there wondering… why did Vader change his mind there and not the other times Luke almost dies when he’s around :-/ Well, unless you think that maybe Darth Vader never wanted to kill Luke in the first place which I think could be likely and seems to be a trend in all the movies and even noted by Luke in this book but according to this author Darth Vader was quite willing to kill his son up to the very end… I don’t know what was up with the author of this one. I do under stand sometimes these authors have to work more with a script the watching the finnished movie... but still! Being this is my favorite SW movie I was very disappointed. But anyway, this is a different author then The Empire Strikes Back and the writing styles are quite different. Not in a bad way though, other then my issues with the above...
Top; the way I saw it as a kid
Bottom; The same scene as kids see it today!
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