Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tyrant's Test

  Wow, first off I want to applauded the author of The Black Fleet Crisis! This story is so complicated and detailed with a great talent to create a different universe that really seems like one unlike our own but still a bit like our own!
This book unlike the other two was written in chapters with Interludes's about Lando through out as it take some time to connect his story with everyone else's. The Yevetha ARE unlike any enemy they have faced thus far. I have seen them likened to the Nazis but I would say not really. They are the worst parts put together of the worst of the world that we know. Unlike with The Crystal Star where it was obvious Hitler and the Hitler Youth was the inspiration the Yevetha are a new group to themselfes.These creatures are bad with no apparent redemption quality.
(I would like to note that this trilagy is not for younger Star Wars fans. It gets pretty violent and also has some adult subject matter.)
With that being said, I think now that I have read all three books I can fairly comment on ALL three. I think this story easily could have taken up another book or two and maybe it should have!
(warning, what is coming could be spoilers just so you know)
  In the first book Before the Storm I noted that Leia and Luke seem to lose their minds. I thought this may play into the story later on but it never did but I will say that their minds seem to go back to normal for the next two books so I don't know, you just have to go with it I guess.
 At one point it seems Luke has found a new love interest but... afterwards it's not touched again from Luke's point of view and only mentioned slyly by Akanah. You would think at this point he would be haveing very mixed emotions about this girl by the end but like I said, the author really doesn't approach it again.
 Also something really bugged me about the conclusion to Akanah's story. It seemed like it was a little bit of a let down. The author did a good job building up to the end but it seems like it could have been a little juicer compared to the build up! Your left hanging about Luke's mother... and part of the problem is today we DO know who the Skywalker's mother was, Padme', but when this was written they did not so perhaps back then the ending was a little bit juicer cause the women she speaks of at the time could have been their mother but with the info out now I can see no way it could have been... but even so I still feel the whole Fallanassi was a bit of a let down. Brought into the story just to take place in the battle that does nothing to really help. They go against their beliefs it seems because you are given the impression they do not fight and would rather die then fight and kill but then knowingly take place in a battle and continue as men are dieing... it didn't make since.
Lando, Lobot, R2D2, and C3PO inside the Vagabond
  It also didn't make since as to why the Vagabond is said to keep returning to it's home planet and leaving again when it is it's mission to save the world from the ice... did I just miss something? Why didn't it stay the first time it came back and why did it stay this time it came back... I was confused :-/

  But even if the ending was lacking somehow, the whole thing was quite a read and I'm guessing Nal Spaar or his people in some way will return. The Yevetha are an enemy that I don't believe are that easily rid of!

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