Friday, April 22, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One

    I had next to no interest in the new "stand alone" +Star Wars movie said to come out this Dec, 2016, Rogue One. My assumption was it was going to be a movie about a fighter squad like the X-wings EU novels. I've never read them. Reading about space battle just is boring to me! Give me some meat to the plot not battles! Actually I saw they canceled Rogue One.... (nice April fools joke) A few days later the first trailer came out. I ended up watching it, I was curious. I mean some fans just don't want Disney to over produce Star Wars. But then again....100's of books were written and I spent much time in the Star Wars EU..

    It turned out completely not to be what I was expecting! The first time I watched it I was a little... puzzled. Have I been way too into The Hunger Games lately? Did that look the way I thought it did.... I scroll to the comment and start skipping through them. One comment stated that it did not look like The Hunger Games (sorry fellow, you need to watch The Hunger Games!) SO, somebody made the connection as well! I re-watch it. I crack up laughing!

    Young rebellious girl with awful chopped hair... the scene that did it the most though was her dressed in a nice shiny black outfit turning around... it's the Mockingjay!!! NO, WAIT! This is Star Wars!

    I loved The Hunger Games novels. Not so much a fan of the movies. Really not a fan of Jennifer Laurance as Katniss.... So, Disney if you are really going for Katniss in space I might kind of want to see what you can do with it!

   But moving from The Hunger Games connection...

    What I understood was this movie is taking place right before A New Hope. Did anyone notice Mon Mothma? She looks so young! She looks more like she did in the Pre-quells. What is up with that? Jyn stressed her out so much it aged her 20 years? :-)

    I also spotted someone that looks a lot like Biggs Darklighter. He's kind of funny looking so I doubt he just happens to look like Biggs.

     Another thing that left me scratching my head is the Samurai guy. I've noticed in the past that Jedi are inspired from Samurai. But to put a character in that looks like he is a Samurai just doesn't look right. I laughed at one comment on YouTube "Why is Jackie Chan training stormtroupers?"

    So now we have Katmiss Everdeen and Jackie Chan in the new Star Wars film! Excited yet?
Did you see this latest news about the Han Solo movie? Yeah.... with Disney's trend here this could almost be true! ALMOST ;-) LOL!

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