Thursday, August 11, 2016

Star Wars R2D2 Digital Watch

Star Wars R2D2 Digital Watch
Star Wars Clearance item found at Academy Sport + Outdoors. Was around $14. Found it clearanced at $5.98. Last one. Package says "Star Wars Sports". Sports Bezel, Nylon Strap, Iconic Patches.
  I have a R2D2 watch I got at Walmart that was made more for kids but fun none-the-less, it beeps and whisles. :-) It was $12 and I paid full price. This one has a more adult higher quantity look.
    This watch shows the time and the day. Not waterproof.
    $14 would not be a bad price for this. Not at all. The problem is the watch is made for a very small wrist or you will have to fold the patch on the back which cracks at the slightest bend... I really don't like this but at the price I paid I'm most likely keeping it. Fun to wear and look at and the watch part it's self is pretty well made. I may rig the strap with elastic or something so I don't have to keep opening and closeing it which causes the cracking. Plus, it's hard to put on that way and it will be a better fit.

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