Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dark Tide II: Ruin

  Part two, Dark Tide: Ruin following Dark Tide: Onslaught by Michael A. Stackpole. He is also the author of I Jedi. Really not sure how I feel about this author...  does things I like, dose things I don't... and he has to have some form of first person speaking even when written in third... I came across one reviewer of this book who really disliked this (I lost his blog but I'll add it if I run across it) but I can't say I dislike it, more like I think it's just a little awkward to the flow since most other authors don't do.
  According to Wookieepedia this was first planed as a trilogy but the last two where combined. Good move, I don't see how you could get two books out of this and not drag it out too long. (I, Jedi might had been better split up though!)
  I remarked on the style of painting on Dark Tide; Onslaught. This one too has an impressionistic style. According to Wookieepedia the cover shows a ship that was planed to be in book two but apparently didn't make the final cut... yeah... after finishing the book I still was confused with the cover... now I know it wasn't just me... They kept talking about the planet that very few were allowed to actual set foot on... my best guess was that thing in the picture was where they lived... but still, that still didn't seem right! Why they chose to put a cover picture of something that isn't even in the book.... just, why?!

____Spoiler Alert________

   Some where I missed where Wedge Antilles broke up with Qwi Xux who first showed up in Jedi Academy Trilogy. I had been wondering what had happened to the two. It must have been covered in a X-wing novel, which I haven't read any of the X-wing books.

  First Chewbacca and now another loved character is lost... Well, this character is fairly new. He showed up I believe in Spector of the Past (correct me if I'm wrong on that) Elegos A'Kla of Caamas was a very interesting character. If I remember correctly, it was said even the Jedi looked up to this race's wisdom. It just feels a little too soon to kill him off. Have to say he went in a very memorable and disturbing way though. It gave us an insight on this Yuuzhan Vong and their twisted since of honor.

"These bones here, I present to you so you may know the proper way to venerate fallen Yuuzhan Vong warriors." -Shedao Shai
  And yet, Elegos A'Kla did seem to die without meaning and his killer dies to make room for a worst enemy to take over. And Corran finds himself walking on the line of the darkside.

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