Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dark Journey

  This books follows for the most part the "Dark Journey" Jaina takes after the death of her younger brother Anakin and disappearance and quite possibly the death of her twin brother Jacen.
  From the last few books this has to have been about the best. While you are following a continuing story it gets to feel like one book doesn't have a clear beginning and end with meat in between. This book actually did! Plus leaving you at a good clift-hanger and love triangle.

   I'm glad they have continued with Kyp. I liked him from his beginning in the The Jedi Academy Trilogy. But how old is Kyp Durron? He was around 15 when Han first found him? I don't remember how old the twins are in that book but I think they were quite young... Jaina and Kyp are an interesting combination... As for this Fel... I'm a little lost as to where he came from. He's Wedge's nephew and I do recall him from some other books but now much details. I'm guessing it was from the X-wing books?

   Oh, wait! Guess what! Yep, The Courtship on Princess Leia.... AGAIN... GRRRR, did I mention my feelings about THAT BOOK!

 Well, I will give them this. They are falling back using characters and stories from past books. In The Courtship of Princess Leia Luke tells Isadore and his wife's child will be very important in the future. Now his child is on her way!
 And as far as killing more people off, again this books says good by to another. Not as big of a loss as Chewie or Anakin but more on the line of Gabriel Caspian . But still we lose another. This book we lose Teneniel Djo forcing her daughter into something she doesn't want to do... setting up the future Luke saw in her before she was born. +Star Wars 

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