Monday, March 16, 2015

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

     This book is actually named after a ship in the story. It's often annoyed me that titles don't make much since with the story. Anyway... spoilers... Wow! They have taken the Star Wars Universe and turned it upside down! +Star Wars

    This novel is one of two in a duology. Luke takes his wife and a team with him to see what is going on in the aftermath of Coruscant's fall. Luke fells he must go because he scenes a darkness he must seek out on the planet.

   Mara leaves her son Ben in the care of her brother and sister-in-law, Han and Leia Organa Solo, though she decided earlier that she could not leave her son. When she did in the past she almost lost him. Like I said about Mara in Balance Point, she's not a mother you want to cross! She's a pain in the neck in the best possible way, lol. Writers in this series have muted her a bit, which is annoying since she is such a personality!

Hanging out in Mississippi with Rebel Dream
 Jaina has now become a "Goddess". Or trying to look like one. I was getting a little lost at what that was all about. She's also battling with the loss of war. Losing both her brothers and a whole list of others. In her grief she tries to distance herself from those she loves but it backfires when Jag nearly dies and defying orders saves him making known to him that she cared for him. Afterward he confronts her. Even without the force Jag can somehow read her mind.

   What I found a bit shocking was the creation of a NEW rebellion! A very interesting twist. It's been a while now that the New Republic was not running like they had hoped. With the fall of Coruscant they have discovered out of necessity to start over again.

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